Revaluate is a data company headquartered in Golden, Co. founded in 2014. The company specializes in creating highly efficient AI algorithms with machine learning that devour data from an incredible number of sources and make the seemingly impossible, simple. Currently we focus within mortgage and real estate company databases, Revealing likely movers. Show us a database, and Revaluate will reveal likely movers. When we first launched the new product in November of 2016, Inman wrote “during the demo, one of the highest ranked returns is a personal friend who is indeed looking to move soon.” In 2017 Revaluate was named “Top 20 Trendsetter” by Stephan Swanepoel’s SP200, and was a finalist for the 2017 Inman Innovators Award. In the last year, Revaluate CEO Chris Drayer has been asked to present on the main stage at the National Conference, as well as the Great NorthWest Mortgage Expo, the Real Estate Success Rocks event, GENGEN Tampa and Inman Connect SF to name a few. Several podcasts and publications have also featured Revaluate recently, including: Inman News, Karen Brisco’s 5 Min Success, and the Real Estate Success Rocks Podcast and the Pat Hiban Real Estate Rock Star Nation as well. Typical Revaluate clients look like medium to large independent brokerages or mortgage companies. However we started by learning how to work with individuals, and currently work with the largest that exist. If you’d like to learn more, please schedule a demo with one of our data experts. Prospect like never before. Agents cold call prospects in their database – it’s grinding work with a 2% success rate nationally. finding people likely to move is hard work. Revaluate clients are 19 times more effective than those that cold call. Revaluate tells you who is most likely to move. It tracks your prospects for you, sending you a simple text msg or email telling you that your prospect is more likely to move. Simple, effective and efficient to use, talk to one of our Revaluate data experts.



Number of Employees: 7

CEO: Chris Drayer
: Gary Carter
: Dustin Moore
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Stage: Convertible Note
Funding: $580.2K
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Edward Waters University switching to virtual learning after Thanksgiving break

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Due to an increase in COVID cases in Florida and Duval County, EWU chose to revaluate its operations, the university said in the letter.

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