Our goal when forming Reali was to blend the best in real estate and technology know-how to develop premium solutions and services for our customers. We aren’t just Real Estate Agents (National Association of Realtors™) who dabble in technology, or visa-versa. We are real estate experts and proven technologists working together to unveil a new paradigm for today’s Buyers and Sellers



Number of Employees: 161

CEO : Amit Haller
COO : Tyler Baldwin
CFO : Michael Fu
Head on Engineering : Dotan Harit
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Stage: Series B
Funding: $42.2M
Source: Crunchbase


Homie, Reali aim to be one-stop shops for buying and selling houses: Here's how they work

USA Today - 3 weeks ago

Like Homie, Reali uses a hybrid mix of experienced agents and licensed brokers in the field, alongside new technology and service-bundling “to...


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