We’re America’s newest real estate agent ratings and statistics website. It provides recommendations, rankings and reviews for real estate agents in the US. So how does RateMyAgent help? RateMyAgent provides a platform where property buyers and sellers can review the agents and brokerages they’ve worked with and rate them so that other sellers in the market can make better-informed decisions when choosing the right agent for them, based on recent reviews.



Number of Employees: 13

CEO: Mark Armstrong
VP Operations : Gre Artnell
Vice President of Sales : Paula Nash
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Stage: Post-IPO Equity
Funding: A$5M
Source: Crunchbase


Easy SEO wins for agents: How to beat Google by playing its game

Inman - 3 weeks ago

Real estate agents have a slight advantage here because they can, through tools like RateMyAgent, tie their reviews directly to real MLS...


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