PropMix, an Innovation Incubator company, is a groundbreaking Real Estate Smart App Development Platform that enables the Real Estate ecosystem to easily consume and monetize data and insights and build Smart Apps. Built on industry open standards based Platform as a Service (PaaS) for global scale and bulk sync, empowers users to engage with data, make decisions using insights and build the Real estate future. We serve Appraisers/Lenders, Agents/Brokers, Real Estate Software Vendors, Portal Publishers, Data Wholesalers/Producers and MLSs, Investors and Service Providers. Subscribe to what you can and Pay as you go Headquartered in New York, we also have presence in Boston MA, Ashburn VA (Washington DC Metro), Freehold NJ and Trivandrum India. Our Story Our roots are in Software Incubator, Inc. with a 17 year history in collecting, curating, and distributing real estate data to the industry. The PropMix platform for data and insights is built on top of Software Incubator’s data cloud, 3rd party data, and various sources of government data. The leadership team has decades of experience in residential, multi-family, and commercial business investments powered by data driven insights. In addition, we also have deep experience in asset valuation and investment management in the financial services and mortgage industries. In mid 2015 we decided to kick-off PropMix as a platform to deliver these insights as APIs with a vision to help build next generation smart apps for the Real Estate industry. Our team includes: Industry experts in the business of Real Estate Real Estate Investors with deep experience in Asset Valuation and Financial Models Technologists who have been building Artificial Intelligence systems for Energy and Government sectors since the early 90s Core team that has been building Real Estate solutions for the last 17 years



Number of Employees: 24

CEO: Umesh Harigopal
CTO : Antony Satyadas
COO : Mahesh Nair
Vice President, Data Solutions : Daniel Mancino
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PropMix and Capture Data Services Partner to Simplify ...

Appraisal Buzz - 3 weeks ago

By integrating with PropMix's platform, Capture customers will benefit from innovative valuation products, which enable appraisers to...


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