Hurry Home is trying to solve a big problem – many Americans have been shut out of the mainstream paths to homeownership, missing out on the key way families build wealth. One part of this problem comes from some of the houses being too affordable. There are desirable houses that cost less than $80,000 and there are people who want them, but banks are uninterested in originating mortgages for properties in this range due to regulation and profit structure. The prospective homeowners are left to either continue renting, earning no equity, or to find seller-financing, a field with its own big problems. Hurry Home offers a different way.



Number of Employees: 3


CEO: Jada Mclean
COO : John Gibbons
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Stage: Non-equity Assistance
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Old man in a hurry: Biden must act quickly to save his presidency

The Guardian - 19 hours ago

Slumping approval ratings, political deadlock at home and blunders on foreign policy leave the White House facing its moment of truth.

HURRY! This fine Oldsmobile won't last long!

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - 2 days ago

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