Our Mission At Brytecore, we reduce the complexity of lead servicing by applying machine intelligence to the real estate journey. We connect consumers and agents at the right time, driving higher conversion rates and better customer experiences. Our Story Brytecore engineers have been crafting real estate technology in large brokerages for well over a decade. We have personally experienced the pain of lead generation and poor lead conversion alongside thousands of agents. Through analysis of millions of website visitors, we discovered the behavioral patterns of successful leads. We created profiles of these leads and compared active users, allowing us to pinpoint those who were most engaged. In 2014, we decided to package our expertise into algorithms based on these profiles and “big data” techniques of machine learning and predictive analytics into a product that is now known as Brytelytics, used in hundreds of thousands of websites across the US and Canada. In 2017 we built a lead management system on top of our Brytelytics behavior algorithms in order to pass our years of real estate expertise to you. This product became known as Lead Voyager, now used to service hundreds of thousands of leads annually. Just this year, we added the ability to scan through your historic contacts with Brytelytics intelligence to locate ready-to-transact leads in your existing databases. Incubator is now available to all customers, allowing you unearth the value of your data. Brytecore customers use our lead intelligence platform to better understand their buyers, sellers, and renters. The result is happier customers, more successful agents, and an improved bottom line.



Number of Employees: 7

CEO : Eddie Krebs
Senior Data Scientist : Cahn Tong
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Stage: Private
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Atlanta-based Startup Acquired By Real Estate Management ...

Hypepotamus - Jan 25, 2021

August 15, 2018. In "B2B". Brytecore Provides A Smart Sales Lead Tracker For Real Estate Brokers.


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