About Us

PropTec.org was created to serve as an unbiased resource to the PropTech industry. Whether you’e a real estate agent, a loan officer, a company executive, or an investor, PropTec.org provides a quick snapshot of where each company fits in the PropTech value chain. While we strive to be perfect, we know that we’re not. Inevitably, there will be companies that we aren’t aware of and new company updates that we haven’t heard about. Don’t hesitate to keep us informed here.

No industry over the past few years has evolved more quickly than the real estate and mortgage industry. With processes and procedures that have remained the same for decades, the PropTech wave has been a long time coming. Today, there are literally hundreds of companies that are striving to make the industry more transparent, more efficient, and who are fundamentally changing the way we buy, sell, and finance homes. As you can see from the PropTec landscape, it is nearly impossible to keep track of who is doing what.

While there have been high-level, info-graphic style technology landscapes created (Thomvest), as well as traditional company directory listings (T360 & 1000Watt), we wanted to build something that was a bit more in depth and directly relevant to the PropTech industry.

We have tried our best to aggregate information from LinkedIN, Crunchbase, T360, Thomvest, 1000Watt, REACH, AngelList, and our own knowledge of the industry, we can’t possibly keep up with all of the changes and new entrants. This is why we rely on individuals and companies to provide us with company updates and tips and would encourage you to contact us with any information that you think is missing from the directory.

We use PropTec.org as another resource to help understand PropTech – we hope that you will too.

The PropTec.org Team
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